The DIY Self Build Camper Van Conversion Blog

The thought of taking to the road to explore in a Motor Home or RV can be a very appealing one but the high costs of many factory built camper vans can stop a lot of us from experiencing this unique way of travelling.

But there is another way! with some basic DIY skills and some creative thinking, it's possible to build a campervan for just a few hundred pounds. That's exactly what I did with my van conversion.

If you want to know how to build a Motorhome / CamperVan very cheaply, without compromising on quality, then you've come to the right place. I'll show you how I converted a tired old Ford Transit Minibus, into a very stylish and comfortable Motor Home, for under £500!

From virtual reality to actual reality.

self build campervan DIY conversionNow that the floor has been laid, it's time to work out what will be the best use of space for us two and our three cats. As with a lot of my projects I find it extremely useful to use a 3D modelling software to try out different designs and configurations before building the real thing.

The above picture is the final layout we decided on and should give us maximum space while remaining comfortable and practical. Another great feature of this design is that the gas, water, waste water and toilet can all be accessed by the back doors without disturbing the living area (or letting the cats out!) Also the cab can be isolated, which will be very useful when we need to get in and out of the bus, again without letting the cats out. It also means that the cats can sleep in the cab at night (and not in bed with us!)

All I've got to do now, is turn the 3D model into a reality. The picture below shows a mock up to see how things will work out in real life. We already had the sink, fridge and toilet stored in the shed for quite some time, so it's great to finally have the chance to use them.

self build camper van DIY conversionAfter seeing if all the bits are going to fit across the back of the bus it's time to start the construction process. To help pay for some of the materials needed, we managed to sell the old seats that were removed from the bus. We were also given quite a lot of useful timber to help us on our way.

self build camper van DIY conversion
self build camper van DIY conversionStarting to look like a camper van, you wouldn't think that the water containers and gas bottle are hidden behind the unit.

self build camper van DIY conversion
Build cost so far £371.00