The DIY Self Build Camper Van Conversion Blog

The thought of taking to the road to explore in a Motor Home or RV can be a very appealing one but the high costs of many factory built camper vans can stop a lot of us from experiencing this unique way of travelling.

But there is another way! with some basic DIY skills and some creative thinking, it's possible to build a campervan for just a few hundred pounds. That's exactly what I did with my van conversion.

If you want to know how to build a Motorhome / CamperVan very cheaply, without compromising on quality, then you've come to the right place. I'll show you how I converted a tired old Ford Transit Minibus, into a very stylish and comfortable Motor Home, for under £500!

The conversion begins

self build motorhome DIY conversion
The conversion from a minibus to a camper van begins. The first job is to take out all the seats and flooring and check the condition of the floor pan. After close inspection there were a few suspect areas which although weren't rusted completely through, given another winter, the chances of a hole appearing seemed very likely. Now was the ideal opportunity to do some repairs. As you can see from the pictures below, the two weak places were around both rear wheel arches, so a generous patch was welded over the dodgy areas.

self build camper van DIY conversion
With the repairs done, the next job was to lay some new floor covering. We decided to use laminate flooring as this would give a practical hard wearing and easy to keep clean surface as well as being cheap! It only cost us £21.00. I used the original heavy duty hardboard and rubber matting flooring which made an excellent base for the laminate boards.

self build camper van DIY conversion
Build cost so far £341.00